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Tips on destinations to visit near Caorle, all within easy reach of your car.

Caorle Lagoon

One of the most beautiful excursions is to the Caorle lagoon. The lagoon is accessible by motorboat along the wide canals or by bicycle, and here it is possible to see the Casoni, traditional fishermen huts. The cason features a fireplace at the centre of the house and the floorboards are in brick or packed dirt. In order to build the houses, the fishermen used materials which could easily be retrieved from the area, such as common reeds. Some casoni are open to the public so visitors can experience the atmosphere of that time. The Caorle lagoon, which was dear to writer and 1954 literary Nobel prize winner Ernest Hemingway, is described in his book "Across the River and into the Trees".

Venetian villas

A ca. 30 km from Caorle and along the Brenta River is represented to the Republic of Venice in the Veneto villa culture, understood as the government of the territory, micro families and communities, heritage art work of many architects, painters, sculptors. A heritage of over 5000 villas, which have become a tourist destination of primary interest. You can go up the river Brenta with a boat.


An enchanting town on the Veneto plain, Treviso still preserves its genteel, reserved character where well known and often visited places hide smaller street, alleys, canals and fortresses, which preserve the fascination of a town rich in history. Pay a visit to its three hills: the cathedral, Piazza dei Signori and Piazza Sant’Andrea, on which the city was supposedly built. The Ca dei Carraresi palace in Treviso periodically hosts world renowned exhibitions.
Also be sure to try the famous radicchio trevigiano (chicory) accompanied by a glass of excellent local Prosecco. Distance 60Km from Caorle


Padua, an ancient university city, conserves numerous testimonies of its glorious artistic and cultural past that make it a destination for tourists from all over the world. Padua is also internationally famous as the city of Saint Anthony. It is the site of the famous Cappella degli Scrovegni, which houses a renowned cycle of frescoes by Giotto, considered one of the masterpieces of Western art. You can also visit Caffè Pedrocchi, one of the most famous cafés in the world, in the heart of the city centre.A walk in Prato della Valle is not to be missed. This large, elliptical piazza has become one of the symbols of Padua. As well as being the largest Piazza in the city, it is also one of the biggest in Europe (90.000 sq.m.) Distance 100 Km from Caorle


Trieste, between karst lands and sea. This is border country, with the Adriatic on one side and a stark karst promontory on the other. The land is characterised by the scents and colours of the Mediterranean maquis, intensified by the bracing air of the Bora wind. Trieste is a place that seems to embrace the sea, or rather, to welcome the sea into the heart of the city. Piazza dell'Unità is one of the loveliest and biggest sea-front city squares in the world.Distance 120Km from Caorle


Venice : the Queen of the Adriatic, unique in its grandeur and artistic beauty within the lagoon, with its palaces, canals and romantic gondolas, is just a few miles from Lido di Caorle. What can we say about Venice? The Veneto city of art is known throughout the world for its shows, like theBiennale for Cinema and art and architecture, its Palazzo Ducale and the beautiful Piazza San Marco. Losing yourself among its alleyways is a unique experience: the canals peppered with the characteristic gondolas that slowly wind through the city, the romantic bridges including the famous Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs along with lesser known ones that are, however, no less fascinating.

Venice is easily accessible both by public transport and by own car.
From Duna Verde you can reach Punta Sabbioni in 15 minutes, park comfortably and from there take the boat that will take you directly to the center of Venice: to Piazza San Marco.

You can also reach Venice with the excursion organized by the Caorle motor ship, departing from the fishing port of Caorle. http://www.motonavecaorle.com/

Island lagoon of Venice

The Lagoon of Venice contains the islands of:

- Murano Island is situated to the north east of the city, on the Murano channel. It is made up of seven smaller islets separated by canals, but connected by bridges to one another. Among the most important monuments are the church of Saints Mary and Donato in the Venetian-Byzantine stile, built in the VIIth Century and rebuilt in the XIIth, and the church of St. Peter, Martyr, constructed in the XV-XVI Cent., which houses paintings by Paulo Veronese and Giovanni Bellini. The island is world-famous for the production of blown glass.
- Burano is one of the inhabited islands of the Lagoon and is noted for the production of lace and for its typical brightly coloured houses. Not to be missed is Mazzorbo, with its secluded open spaces and wide views over the Lagoon. It also has a XIVth Cent. Church, St. Catherine, and a public park which has been created in the old cemetery and which is enclosed by an ancient wall.
- The island of Torcello is bounded on the south east by the Burano channel and to the north and east by the Rosa and Centrega salt marshes. It is the site of one of the oldest human settlements in the Lagoon, having been founded between the Vth and VIth centuries. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption was rebuilt in its current form around the year one thousand. In front of the basilica is the so-called Throne of Attila and the Devil's Bridge, on the access canal, retains the original design, without parapets. For centuries the island of Sant Erasmo's points of contact have been San Francesco del Deserto and Burano on the one side and Treporti and Punta Sabbioni on the other.


UVerona, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, situated on the Adige River, about thirty kilometres East of Lake Garda. Verona is rich in monuments from all times, with special regard to the Roman and the Middle Ages. To visit: the Basilica di San Zeno in Verona is considered one of Italy’s Romanesque masterpieces, the famous Arena, the most important open air opera stage in the world, "Romeo and Juliet’s balcony ", the inspiration for Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. Distance 150Km from Caorle

Cycle Itineraries

In addition to the sea and good food, Caorle offers many proposals for cycle routes where two-wheel enthusiasts will find lots of fun to discover the wonders of Caorle, from the sea, to the countryside, to the beautiful lagoon.

- Itinerary Caorle and its Lagoon: 14 km; travel time 2 hours; easy difficulty; asphalted, unpaved, gravel, cycle path;

- Brian and Tezzon itinerary: 17 km; journey time 2-3 hours; easy difficulty; asphalted, unpaved ground;

- Eraclea Mare and Cortellazzo itinerary: 35 km; travel time 3 hours; easy difficulty; asphalted, unpaved, gravel, cycle path;

- Brussa itinerary (64 km), Concordia Sagittaria and Portogruaro (50 km): journey time 4-5 hours; easy difficulty; asphalted, unpaved, gravel, cycle path;

- San Gaetano itinerary: 20 km; travel time 2 hours; easy difficulty; asphalted, unpaved ground, gravel;

- Ca 'Corniani itinerary (see also the cycle paths within the homonymous farm) and the Livenza: 38 km; travel time 3 hours; easy difficulty; asphalted, unpaved ground, gravel.Click on the link below to see the map of all the itineraries http://www.caorle.com/it/caorle/itinerari.html


In the waters in front of the Municipality of Caorle, about 1.5 miles off Porto di Falconera, there is one of the largest tegnùe in the Upper Adriatic, known as the Tegnùa di Porto Falconera. https://www.grupposommozzatoricaorle.com/


We offer you another excursion to discover nature and good Veneto wine. A unique path that will make you taste our culture in a truly unique context. http://www.italia.it/it/idee-di-viaggio/mangiare-e-bere/la-strada-del-prosecco.html

Concordia Sagittaria

The ancient Roman colony "Julia Concordia", founded in 42 BC, houses important Roman excavations.


Renaissance city crossed by the Lemene river, it houses the Concordiese National Museum of Roman finds


Enter the link below to discover other organized excursions that can be done in Caorle. We will give you all the necessary information! http://promo.bluest.eu/it/


Stunning city of ancient traditions, situated on the Adriatic coast, just a short distance from Venice, Caorle is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.



For our guests, included in the price, beach service with 1 beach umbrella and 2 sun loungers. Every day, on the beach, activities like muscle revival, fitness, water aerobics are organized.



Venice, Trieste, Verona, Caorle Lagoon, Concordia Sagittaria, Venetian Villas and much more. All the most popular locations are easily accessible.